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mailoantu hand-made original embroidery tiger



French artist, Mai-loan TU started in Belgium where she learned creative illustration at the Erg (School of Graphical Research ), then she pursued her study in Barcelona at the Eina.

After exhibiting in Venezuela, France and Spain, where she won the Drawing prize at the International Fair of Contemporary Art SWAB in 2012, she moved to Ho-chi-minh City, Vietnam, where she exhibited and worked as a tattoo artist. She lives in the UK since 2017 and is currently focusing on the practise of embroidery and exploring its potential within a contemporary context. 

I try in my work to create different levels of interpretation to bring the viewer in a new space of reflection.

To do so, I use a realistic drawing to catch the eye of the viewer, who once comfortably settled in a recognisable world reach a second level of interpretation where meanings start to slide towards a more surrealistic world.

I am interested in creating, whether on paper whether through other mediums, a meeting space between two universes : the one  propose to the viewer and the one they choose to project on.

As a practicing artist, nothing makes me happier than the idea of bringing ancient craft into contemporary world while maintaining old knowledge and technics alive. Although originally trained in drawing, I have always been keen on learning many technics as medium for my art work and I am now exploring the vast field of embroidery. 

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